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Why Doesn’t My Bookmaker Show The 49’s Results?

The 49’s is currently offered by seven different bookmakers in the UK – each of these bookmakers have their own lotto betting sections that feature a variety of lotteries – 49’s, Irish, Nifty Fifty, etc. However, somewhat confusingly, these lotto betting sections vary wildy between bookmakers – some offer more lotteries, some offer less lotteries, some feature results and some don’t.

At the time of writing, William Hill and Paddy Power don’t feature the 49’s results but the remaining bookmakers do.

So, let’s clear a few points up:

  1. The 49’s Draw Is The Same For All Bookmakers: Whether you bet with Betfred, Boyle Sports, Bet365 or any other bookmaker, you are betting on the same draw. The draw is operated by SIS which then license it to the bookmakers.
  2. The Official 49’s Website ( Is Managed by SIS: This means should be updated first with new 49’s results (our results page also updates instantly) and this is also why you can’t bet on, you just get referred to a bookmaker.

Results Don’t Vary…

This means, for example, if you bet with William Hill you don’t need to find the ‘William Hill 49s Results‘ page – as it doesn’t exist. There’s nothing different between the 49’s results we publish to what you’re betting on at William Hill, Paddy Power or any other bookmaker.

Here at we can be your one-stop-shop for 49’s results regardless of the bookmaker you use to place the bet.

However, Odds Do Vary…

Unlike results, the odds do vary between bookmakers.

  1. Odds Vary Between Bookmakers: Unlike the National Lottery where the odds of winning are always the same, when you bet on the 49’s the odds vary by bookmaker. This is because bookmakers can decide to increase or decrease the margin they’re making on 49’s bets to attract new customers. Check our odds comparison table for the latest odds.
  2. Odds Vary Between Online & In Store: Sometimes bookmakers odds vary between their online odds and their in-store odds. Usually, the odds online are better.

And So Do Offers…

If you’re a new customer there are offers available for betting on 49’s, however, these are only available at certain bookmakers and change frequently. See our free bets page for the latest.

We hope that’s cleared a few queries up for you. Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions.

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