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Who’s Dim on The Rookie?

Dim’s real name is actually Jake Butler, and he is Sergeant Tim Brandford’s doppelganger on The Rookie, who is also portrayed by Eric Winter.

Sergeant Tim Brandford’s doppelganger, Jake, was first introduced on the show at the end of the fourth season in an episode titled “Day in the Hole”.

Eventually, Officer Lucy Chen nicknamed Tim’s doppelganger “Dim”, as a result of his dimmer intellect. Tim and Dim are both played by Eric Winter on the television series.

About the “Day in the Hole” episode of The Rookie

At first glance, the “Day in the Hole” episode of The Rookie, which first aired on 15 May 2022, just seemed like any other episode of the show.

Even the main plot of this season four finale episode was nothing particularly shocking or unusual.

Most of the episode followed Officer Nolan, who was sent to a border town called Frontera, where he arrested a man on the “Most Wanted” list and eventually got involved in a shootout.

However, perhaps the most interesting thing about this episode happened back at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Here, Chen’s friend, Tamara, was furious about having to return a car that she bought at a seized car auction, but this led to the discovery of Sergeant Tim Bradford’s doppelganger.

Who’s Dim on The Rookie?

When Chen looked into the previous owner of the car (that had been filled with heroin) they discovered that Jake Butler looked exactly like Sergeant Tim Bradford.

In fact, the resemblance between Jake and Tim is so uncanny, that almost the entire LAPD is gathered around Chen’s computer the moment that Tim walks into work.

Once Jake is arrested, however, it quickly becomes evident that this resemblance is only skin deep.

Where Tim is well-known for being a no-nonsense member of the LAPD who can usually react and think quickly on his feet, his lookalike, Jake Butler, is not nearly as bright. In light of this, Chen decides to brand the duo “Tim and Dim.”

Tim and Dim are played by the same actor, Eric Winter, in the show and they are not the only instance of doppelganger trickery on the series.

Later on, after Tim had gone undercover as Dim in order to infiltrate the drug ring that he had been working for, they discover that dim’s girlfriend “Juicy” is also the spitting image of Officer Lucy Chen, who is Tim’s partner and will-they, won’t-they love-interest on the show.

Lucy and Juicy are also both played by the same actress, Melissa O’Neil.

This doppelganger twist in the show has been generally well received by fans.  In the fifth season, the show even included an entire “mockumentary”-style episode about Dim and Juicy’s lives, titled “Double Trouble.”

How did Dim and Juicy change Tim and Lucy’s relationship?

The Rookie fans have been waiting for Sergeant Tim Bradford and Officer Lucy Chen, or as the couple is better known online “Chenford,” to get together for years by the time that their dating doppelgangers made an appearance on the series.

However, once it was decided that Tim and Lucy would have to go undercover as Dim and Juicy, fans finally got to see these two get together, albeit for a fake relationship.

Moreover, it also became evident pretty quickly that there was much more transpiring beneath the surface of their professional relationship.

The trouble with the “Double Trouble” promotional trailer

Fans of The Rookie were extremely concerned when the promotional trailer for the “Double Trouble” episode was initially released.

This is because the trailer strongly implied that Tim would die in this episode, as it featured a scene in which rookie officer Aaron Thorsen radios in that he had found Tim’s body.

As a result, many long-time fans of the series started the episode with a knot in their stomachs.

How did the “Double Trouble” episode end?

Fortunately, once the “Double Trouble” episode started, it did not take long for the show to reveal that the body which rookie officer Aaron Thorsen had found in the dumpster was not actually Sergeant Tim Bradford’s body, but it was actually the body of his doppelganger, Dim.

The team follows up this discovery by investigating Dim’s death for most of the episode. They eventually discover that Dim was run off the road, shot, and then dumped by a woman named Lisa, who was Juicy’s close friend and was having an affair with Dim. At the end of the episode, the team arrests Lisa, but they let Juicy go. This means that while fans likely will not see Tim’s lookalike, Dim, on the show again in the future, they may get to see Lucy’s lookalike Juicy.

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