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Who pays for the remodel on Celebrity IOU?

It is not exactly clear whether the celebrities or the Property Brothers pay for the remodels on Celebrity IOU, but the celebrities do help with the renovations.

The only reason why Celebrity IOU exists is because of celebrities, and the cameos by these A-listers of society have been an important part of the show ever since its inception.

However, it is still unclear whether the celebrities who appear on the show actually pay for the remodelling and renovations, themselves or whether the Property Brothers cover the costs instead.

Why did the Property Brothers decide to make Celebrity IOU?

The entire reason why the Property Brothers even decided to do the show in the first place was because Viola Davis, a celebrity actress, informed them that she had a friend that she would like to thank by renovating their home.

Since then, many different kinds of celebrities, including actors, singers and comedians have reached out to the show for their own special projects.

The concept of the show was so popular that the franchise was expanded to include Australian and Brazilian versions of the show just a year later.

Who pays for the remodel on Celebrity IOU?

A big part of the appeal when it comes to Celebrity IOU is the fact that fans of the show get to watch their favourite celebrities (some of which have even created entire brands around their own lavish lifestyles like Gwyneth Paltrow), give people who have had a positive impact on their lives, their own taste of luxury.

This often shows a much more personal side of these celebrities’ lives and leads to an emotional reveal at the end of the episode.

Despite this, it is also a well-known fact by now that reality television shows are often not as real as they appear to be and that certain elements of these home renovation shows are faked for the camera.

This has led many people to wonder if the celebrities actually pay for the renovations on Celebrity IOU themselves.

They certainly have the money to treat their loved ones in this way and they do make it appear like these renovations are a gift on the show, but this has never officially been confirmed by the show.

In 2017, the Property Brothers officially revealed that they cover the cost of all the renovations for their shows, with the help of a few brand sponsorships.

However, this statement was made before Celebrity IOU started airing and there have been rumours that some of the celebrities, like Brad Pitt offered to pay for the renovations on the show.

But these rumours have never been addressed by the Property Brothers, HGTV, or the celebrities themselves and it is, therefore, still an open question whether the celebrities are tasked with paying for the remodelling work on their loved-ones’ houses.

What about the renovations on other Property Brothers shows?

One of Property Brothers, Jonathan Scott, revealed how the costs of all their other shows are covered during a Facebook Live in 2017.

During this question and answer session, Jonathan explained that network covers the cost of filming, crew salaries, location, venues, equipment, insurances, and legal fees and that he and his brother then cover the cost of the renovations out of their own pockets.

Fortunately, these costs are brought down slightly through special deals with the various brands that partner with the Property Brothers for their shows.

How involved are the celebrities on the show in the renovations?

Although it is still unclear whether the celebrities pay for the renovations on Celebrity IOU, the Property Brothers confirmed that they definitely contribute towards the projects in other ways.

The celebrities do not only help to add some special and personal touches to the final designs on the show, but they also do some of the physical remodelling.

In fact, starts like Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson would fly back and forth from other projects to do some of the manual labour for the renovation projects on their episodes.

About the most recent season of Celebrity IOU

There has been no news on whether Celebrity IOU will be renewed for a sixth season, but HGTV is still regularly airing re-runs from the most recent, fifth season of the show and all of the seasons of the show are available to stream on Discovery+.

This fifth season first aired on 14 November 2022 and has a total of eight episodes. It often seems as though each new season of Celebrity IOU features even bigger celebrities than the previous and this was certainly true for season five.

This season featured big-name celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Drew Barrymore, Kate Hudson, Terry Crews, Wilmer Valderrama, Cheryl Hines, Idina Menzel, and the late Leslie Jordan.

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