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What happened to the cast of Zombie House Flipping?

Some members of the original Zombie House Flipping cast have returned to the most recent season, but others have moved on to other projects.

Zombie House Flipping is similar to many other home renovation shows, but it features some of the most dilapidated houses that fans have ever seen.

Some of the original cast members from Zombie House Flipping have returned for the show’s fifth season, while others have decided to focus on other, new projects instead.

What is Zombie House Flipping about?

Most of the homes that appear in the “before” scenes on home renovation shows are obviously in need of some work. But the houses that are shown on Zombie House Flipping are so awful that they can be considered downright “scary.”

The teams of flippers on Zombie House Flipping take these disgusting and utterly destroyed homes and turn them into beautiful living spaces that are almost good as new. This is so that they can be sold for the highest possible price on the real estate market.

What happened to the cast of Zombie House Flipping?

Anyone who has watched some kind of home renovation or makeover show in the past will tell you that these types of shows make the home transformations seem so quick and easy. So much so that it appears as if almost anyone would be able to do it themselves.

Zombie House Flipping fans will know that although the houses that on the show do not actually have a hankering for brains, they are definitely in need of some intensive, tender love and care.

Furthermore, while these homes are not as frightening as the un-dead, they may have inexperienced flippers running for the hills.

Fortunately, the flippers who appear on the show all have years of experience under their belts.

This includes Peter Duke, Justin Stamper, Ashlee Casserly, and Keith Ori, who were all part of the show from its first season and have since been bringing homes in the Orlando area back to life.

Peter Duke was an instant fan-favourite on the show and even though he took some time off during filming to focus on his company, he has returned for the most recent season of the show.

Keith Ori, who has always been considered somewhat of a master builder is also still continuing to provide his expertise in the most recent fifth season.

Sadly, both Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly have moved on from the show in order to focus on their own, personal projects outside of the show. Though fans will be delighted to know that Justin’s dog, Marley, is still alive and well to this day.

Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping still alive?

One of the more unlikely stars to come out of Zombie House Flipping was Justin’s chocolate Labrador Retriever, called Marley.

Justin proudly calls Marley his “trusty sidekick and best friend” and this fun-loving dog definitely stole the hearts of many fans while she was on the show.

Fortunately, Marley is still alive and well. Justin even celebrated her 11th birthday with a post on his Instagram page not too long ago.

In this post he expressed that he was “gutted” about the fact that Marley was getting older, but from his collection of pictures it seems like he is focusing on the positives for now.

Is Peter Duke from Zombie House Flipping married?

Fans have loved Peter Duke from the first moment that he joined the show, but it turns out that the person who loves him most is probably his wife. Peter Duke is notoriously private about his home life, but he has been married to Jenny Zeng since 2016.

The couple has a son together and recently celebrated their 7th anniversary in January 2023, with a picnic, which Jenny thanked Duke for via a sweet Instagram post.

Why was Zombie House Flipping cancelled?

When the most recent fifth season of the show just started airing in December 2022, many fans were disappointed that the show only seemed to focus on the Tampa team.

This is despite the fact that Peter Duke’s return to the Orlando team was teased in all of the promotional material for the show.

While the show has shifted its focus slightly from the Orlando team in this most recent season, the Orlando portion has not been cancelled or removed and they will still be shown flipping houses throughout the season.

Beyond that, A&E has not yet released any official statement about whether the show has been cancelled or renewed for a sixth season just yet. But you still can tune in to watch season five of Zombie House Flipping at 11 a.m./10c on A&E.

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