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Is Car Masters real?

Car Masters, like many other reality television shows, has both real and fabricated elements, but the storylines on the show seem highly scripted.

While the builds on Car Masters are particularly impressive to some fans, other people find these cars unattractive.

Regardless of how people feel about the cars on the show, it has also been plagued by rumours that it is not real.

The Gotham Garage and cars are definitely real, but some of the other elements seem scripted and fabricated.

The good and bad aspects of Car Masters

Car Masters: Rust to Riches premiered on Netflix in 2018, but just like with all television shows, there are good and bad details about the show and its premise that you should consider before sitting down to watch it.

While most fans of the show watch it so that they can see the incredible designs that the team at the Gotham Garage come up with, some people feel that the show is overly-dramatised and that most of these builds turn out tacky in the end.

Is Car Masters real?

The same way that there are good and bad elements to Car Masters, there are always real and fake elements in any reality show.

Although this leads to a much more compelling and interesting, concise show in the end, it can make it difficult for fans of shows like Car Masters to determine which parts of the show are real and which are  fake.

Car Masters is by no means the first car restoration program that has been released on a streaming service.

However, the fact that the show manages to fall so easily into many of the tropes that the genre has become famous for, like the garage with a beautiful rough and tough young woman, a “cranky” old man, and the business often experiencing financial difficulty, despite the high prices that the cars sell for.

Moreover, the fact that every episode seems to follow more or less the same story arc has made it evident that the show is definitely, at least partially scripted.

The fact that Shawn Pilot, a well-known actor, also forms part of the core crew on the show does not help the show seem any less scripted.

In reality, however, although the negotiations, inflated prices, and the team’s skill-level may not be exactly as it is depicted on the show, the Gotham Garage team’s bond, and the garage itself, as well as the charity donations that are made on the show seem to be real.

What about Car Masters is not real?

While most people expect that some scenes on Car masters may be scripted or over-acted for dramatic effect, many fans are disappointed when they find out that one of the central parts of the show is scripted.

In this case, most fans have come to the accept that the negotiation and haggling scenes in the show likely do not happen in real life the way they do on the show.

The most obvious clue that these scenes are most likely scripted is the fact that most businesses make a loss when they sell restored cars, but the show always manages to make a profit.

On top of this, the show also does not give the audience much information about who the buyers of the cars are.

Is the whole Gotham Garage team actors?

Shawn Pilot is the one member of the Gotham Garage team that has the most acting experience and he even appeared on Three Kings alongside George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and Ice Cube.

Furthermore, the leader of the team, Mark Towle, has also had limited acting experience building props and cars for television and film.

As for the rest of the Gotham Garage team, like Constance Nunes, they have also had on-screen experiences as models and stand-ins on other shows.

Criticism that people have of the show

Although fans of the show may never know what is real and what is not, the scripted nature of the storylines has garnered some criticism for Car Masters over the years.

Mostly, people are disappointed that most of the Gotham Garage team seems to be present more for their on-screen personas than for their actual restoration skills.

This means that the show often lacks details about exactly what they are doing to upgrade the cars.

This also ties into the criticism that the prices on the show, including the prices that the cars sell for and the quoted prices for upgrades, seem to be much higher than the market average.

This has made fans that are knowledgeable about car restoration sceptical about how much the team even knows about the entire process.

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