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49’s Update 2023 – Numble, Lotto365 and Mr & Mrs

It seems there is never a dull moment at 49’s and the lotto betting world…

It pays to stay up to date with the latest 49’s developments, otherwise you might not hear about some major fun—and the possibility of prizes.

At the moment there are a few new games to try, each with its own benefits and enjoyable elements. These short summaries will help you see which one is best to add to your week.

Will you try Numble, Lotto365 or Mr & Mrs Comp?

Game #1: Numble

If you’ve ever wondered if you can beat the Countdown contestants you see on TV, now’s your chance to test your skills.

Numble is a fun spin on the famous Countdown game and your chance to have some practical fun after placing your 49’s bet for the week. Take previous hot and cold numbers and do calculations to reach a certain number, as provided by 49’s.

Could you be faster getting to the answer than Rachel Riley? Can you impress Carol Vorderman with your smart calculations?

How Does it Work?

All you need to do is follow 49’s Twitter feed where they will show a target number, as well as 6 different numbers you need to use. The set will usually consist of hot numbers (recently drawn a lot) of the previous draw, along with some random numbers.

Now it’s up to you whether you want to multiply, add, subtract, or divide. You don’t have to use all the numbers, but you can only use each number once.

Got to the target? Then let 49’s know by leaving a ‘thumbs up’ as a comment.

It’s a purely for fun game – you can’t bet on the outcome of Numble.

Keep an eye out later in the day, because they’ll share the solution. If you just couldn’t get it, try again next week.

Numble Summary

Standout Features: Fun math game using hot numbers; Weekly game
Why Try it? Practice solving fun math riddles; Compete with friends and see who gets to the answer first


In the betting industry, bet365 is famous and respected as a bookmaker. So, if this brand launches its own betting product, it’s worth taking notice.

SIS (the creators of 49’s) created the game with Bet365 and you can only play it on, with results available here.

What’s so interesting about it? For one thing there are 276 draws each day, because they take place every 5 minutes, except for the ‘downtime’ hour between 3am and 4am.

How Does it Work?

For this betting game the number range is 1-36 and players need to pick 5 balls to be eligible for the big prize of £100,000. However, you can also pick fewer balls (just 1 or up to 4 balls) and still win some prizes if your numbers are correct.

In terms of betting opportunities, there’s more.

The Game

The game’s creators decided to enable players to participate in different ways, by adding special bet options. If you want to take a chance and bet on any of the following you can keep the game interesting and give yourself another chance at a prize:

  • The colour of the ball
  • What the first number coming from the draw will be
  • Hi or Lo bets
  • Bets on Odd or Even

Some 49’s fans will notice this factor: Lotto365 doesn’t have presenters currently. We know how much some people enjoy the 49’s presenters, so we can hope that Lotto365 might consider this aspect in future. However, with over 270 draws every day we think there’s enough to keep this game exciting, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Lotto365 Summary

Standout Features: Daily draw, every 5 minutes; Prizes range from £1,50 to the big prize of £100,000.

Why Try it? Reputable vendor; Can win even without matching all 5 balls

Mr & Mrs Competition

Browse through 49’s Twitter feed and you’ll notice some short video clips with ‘Mr and Mrs’ mentioned in the captions. Watch to find out more about your favourite presenters, but also take note of the specific question relevant to that video, as mentioned in the tweet. The video will reveal the answer and if you comment with the answer, you could be winning a prize.

The name of the game comes from a game you may have seen couples play. They are asked questions or given statements, and they must answer who of them each one most applies to. The ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ answer by showing a side of a paddle, the one side labelled ‘You’ and the other ‘Me’.

On 49’s, in each video you’ll see two of our awesome presenters playing the game, covering many fun topics, using paddles to give their answers. Here’s where you find out fun facts about your favourite presenter—such as who usually turns up late for work!

How Does it Work?

49’s fans can simply view the videos on Twitter and keep an eye out for the answer to a specific question. Once you hear or see it, type it in the comments. Answers are super easy, such as a secret number that will be displayed, or some information mentioned during the presenters’ Q and A session.

Those who comment stand a chance of winning an Amazon voucher, worth £20.

Mr & Mrs Summary

Standout Features: Fun, easy game, led by presenters

Why Try it? Win a £20 Amazon voucher


Have you decided which one to try out first? Whether you’re in the mood for a fun lotto betting game with Lotto 365 or an activity to keep those brain cells going, the options offer different ways of having fun.

Also, they’re simple enough for newbies, while their association with classic game themes will quickly make them popular with long-time fans as well.

Share with us your feedback and check out Lotto365 here today.

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